Sean William

I truly enjoy photographing the female form. Whether it’s pinup style images, sexy glamour type stuff, or dance, fitness and cosplay, I always aim to showcase the feminine form while also capturing confidence and strength.

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Highly sylized fashion with an artistic angle creates a unique form of photographic representation. One of my favorite types of pieces to create, this manner of photo sessions offers an endless variety.

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Blending femininity with desire, and coupling a creative setting with the power and strength of the feminine form.

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Endless possibilities, from sexy to cosplay to CGI and everything in between, Fantasy concepts are a fun and creative endeavor for both the photographer and models.

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Photographing since 2008

  • Enjoyment

    I enjoy shooting with natural light, finding the nuances within a scene.

  • Inspiration

    An avid fan of fantasy art painters like Boris Vallejo and Luis Royo.

  • Lighting

    Photography is all about light and it is that aspect that defines my work.

  • Partnership

    I love the collaborative process.

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